About us

It started with a challenge

Medical diagnostics are getting more advanced every day. The technology used not only saves lives, but enhances their quality. We have combined knowledge from experts to create the best product and the finest user experience possible. ABPI MD has been enhanced by MESI´s motto “Simplifying diagnostics”.

The company was founded with the aim to develop an Automated ankle-brachial pressure index measuring device. The idea was suggested by the co-founder Matjaž Špan, MD, who has extensive experiences in cardiovascular medicine. In his daily practice he had been using the old Doppler ultrasound method for measuring ABI for diagnosing peripheral arterial disease, the obstructions of large arteries in lower extremities. However, he was dissatisfied with the method since it was time-consuming, inaccurate and subjective. He teamed up with Jakob Šušterič and Tomo Krivc, both electrical engineers and co-founders, to develop a device that would be time-efficient, accurate, objective and easy to use at the same time.

Awards confirmed our effort

Our innovation has been recognized by a number of awards: The Rector’s Award for Best Innovation, the finals of the best Slovenian start-up, the Best Slovenian Innovation at the Slovenian Forum of Innovations in the start-up category and the Golden Award for Innovation from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. We are very proud that our innovation is widely accepted and recognized by physicians all over Europe and the Slovenian Government has used our ABPI MD as a protocol gift for Mr Kawasaki, chairman of Hitachi and for Ms Plibersek, Australian Minister of Health.

We are a global company

Our aim is to create a worldwide distribution network. To achieve this MESI attends the leading trade fairs and congresses as well as working with distributors around the globe. We believe that it is most important to build strong and honest business relations with our partners.

Our subsidiary in London


We think about diagnostics a bit differently than others. We are developing diagnostic medical devices that support physicians´ work, assist them with accurate results and reduce time needed for diagnosis. We are MESI Simplifying diagnostics.

We have performed quality work

Our first product, an Automated ankle-brachial index measuring device (ABPI MD) was developed very quickly and efficiently. Alongside the development process, we implemented a quality management system and were the youngest company in the country to receive ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certificates.

Our headquarters as well as our production facilities are in Slovenia, a country located in Central Europe. We are proud that we are able to produce our device next to the R&D team which facilitates optimum efficiency of work and the best quality of the products. The majority of components originate in Europe.

Our vision – a state of act!

We would like to introduce our ABPI MD in every clinic to help physicians discover peripheral arterial disease. Twenty percent (20%) of people over 55 years have PAD, but only five percent (5%) of them are aware of it. Others have not yet been diagnosed. Our device can help discover PAD up to 5 years earlier and, moreover, it can discover PAD in asymptomatic patients. We are here to help you discover not only PAD but the whole cardiovascular condition of the patient.

Why Simplifying diagnostics?
Additional information about quality management system.