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1 minute Ankle-Brachial Index at 39 events in 2017 and counting

Author Urška Rožman on


Together with our partners we have participated in more than 39 events globally in the first half of 2017. We want to acknowledge all our partners who are educating professional community about the importance of Ankle-Brachial Index measurement. Together we have achieved that ABI measurement is becoming…

Why is hypertension a critical risk factor for PAD?

Author Urška Rožman on


Hypertension or elevated blood pressure is one of the major risk factors for PAD and the single most important risk factor for stroke.

What can we do to prevent Peripheral Arterial Disease, or more importantly, what can we do to avoid hypertension?

Encouraging safe compression

Author Urška Rožman on


The quickest and easiest possible way to decide on the best management of various types of leg ulcers is measuring the Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI).

Chronic wounds represent a growing medical and economic problem worldwide. Ulcers of lower legs represent a social problem from the affected patients’ perspective, as well as from the cost…

Why dialysis units need an ABI measuring device?

Author Urška Rožman on


Did you know that 10% of people worldwide are affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD) and that more than 2 million people worldwide currently receive treatment with dialysis or are waiting for a kidney transplantation?[i] Patients with chronic kidney disease are at higher risk of…