Timely diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease

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Advantages of ABPI MD

  • Measurement of ABI and brachial blood pressure.
  • Fast and objective measurement of ABI
  • MESIresults application for printing and storing of the results.

Blood pressure measurement

Simple to use

  • Step one: place the cuffs.
  • Step two: press the “Start” button.
  • Step three: read the results.

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ABPI MD proved to be an excellent diagnostic tool for early detection of peripheral arterial disease for our dialysis patients, characterized by accelerated atherosclerosis. With the annual measurement of ankle brachial index, we can timely recognize which patients require treatment to prevent the worst outcome – amputation. We regularly perform ABI measurements as a supplement to clinical examination in those dialysis patients who are preparing for a kidney transplant.

Senka Černe, Doctor of Medicine