Selling ABPI MD in the UK and Commonwealth countries

MESI UKMESI´s ABPI MD was launched the UK in 2012 and since then, we have been forging links with NHS clients and distribution partners in order to establish the MESI brand in the UK.

We have made contact with a number of key opinion formers and GPs to trial the ABPI MD and most are so impressed with the product that many trials are converted into sales. The reception to the product has been overwhelmingly positive and we are pleased that a number of sales have come about directly via word of mouth recommendations.

Since the major NHS reorganisation in April 2013, a lot of our work has focussed on developing contacts with the newly formed Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) who represent the interests of GP groups in their areas. This is an on-going area of work and development.

We are encouraged by the interest that we have received in response to ABPI MD so far. As the NHS is placing increasing emphasis on ‘prevention rather than cure’ and the early diagnosis of diseases which have serious consequences if left untreated, the future looks bright for MESI diagnostic products.

As well as selling the ABPI machines across the UK from our base in Rickmansworth, just north of London, the UK office also acts as a hub for co-ordinating sales in a number of other countries.

Our main efforts are concentrated in selling the product into Commonwealth countries which have strong historic trade links with the UK, including Australia, Canada, South Africa, India and Pakistan.

There has been a lot of interest in the device in these territories and we are in the process of appointing distributers and also getting the relevant certifications to market medical devices in those countries. We hope to be able to announce the appointment of distributors for these countries very soon.

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Mike Gilby

Business development manager at MESI UK

Mike Gilby has a strong track record in sales and logistics management and brings his extensive expertise in brand development gained over 25 years in industry into marketing MESI in the UK. Mike has a great deal of experience across a number of different disciplines, ranging from consumer electronics to food.

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