Why cuffs in three colors?

ManseteEvery day you meet with all kinds of difficulties. Nevertheless you must be focused to your patients not to the technical problems all around you. Patients should be your primary concern and medical devices should support you in this vision. Evan though related products do not meet this requirement, our development process has been performed exactly this way.

The main requirement for research and development process of ABPI MD was user friendliness. We want our users to be totally comfortable while performing the measurement of ABI, to do it quickly, objectively and most important, to do it accurately.

Colored pressure cuffs is just one step towards our development goal. For correct ABI measurement it is significant to place right cuff on right extremity. Cuffs are marked with colors and labeled with importance. Arm cuff is red, left ankle cuff is yellow and right ankle cuff is green. This feature will make the measurement of ABI in your practice a routine procedure.

Although the ABPI MD itself offers really quick time to operation, let we stress some straightforward but important facts:

  • Be sure the cuff size is right. If “INDEX” mark is within the “OK” interval, the size is right, otherwise take one size smaller or one size bugger cuff.
  • When placing the red cuff “ARM CUFF”, be sure that “ARTERY” mark is pointing the upper arm artery.
  • When placing the yellow or green cuff “ANKLE CUFF”, be sure that “MEDIAL ANKLE” mark is pointing medial ankle.

Now, simply go and help your patients with the measurement of ABI with ABPI MD.

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Jakob Šušterič

Chief executive officer at MESI

Jakob has entrepreneurship in his heart. He founded MESI at the age of just 22 and is now pursuing his dreams – bringing user experience from consumer electronics to medical devices. Even though he studied at a Faculty of Electronics, his passion was to establish a company and bring an innovative product to the market.

In his previous job, he was responsible for certification and standardization. Accordingly, he understood the importance of following high quality requirements from the outset and managed to get ISO certification in the company’s first year and half.

His dreams mean everything to him and so does MESI. He is closely involved in the company´s strategy, management and international sales. Ask him about the company´s vision and you will see him in action, feel the energy and see the passion in his eyes.

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