Why Simplifying diagnostics?

MESIlistek_FBTechnological development of 21st century has offered medical devices that support physicians` work, but they are complicated, time and cost inefficient. Therefore, it is time to overcome their deficiencies, make improvements and develop devices that will simplify diagnostics.

Fast, accurate and objective methods should be available in every health care center as contribution to the level of medical service. Sadly, absence of appropriate medical equipment enables physicians to diagnose diseases within first stage.

Therefore, we have decided to found a company that will spot insufficiencies and eliminate them. Our main goal is to simplify diagnostics and raise a level of medical services. We believe that in long term, we will give physicians opportunities for timely diagnosis, raise awareness of preventive measures and improve public health.

Check out ABPI MD and you will recognize “Simplifying diagnostics” motto in every detail, especially during the user interface experience. Place cuffs, press “start” button and read the result are three simple steps that should be taken when measuring ABI with our device.

We follow the “ simplifying diagnostics ” motto to support your work, to assist you with accurate results and to reduce the time needed for diagnosis.

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Daša Košec

Chief marketing officer at MESI

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