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Automatic tools in spirometry

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Spirometry is a diagnostic method where the patient needs to make all the effort for the test to be successful. However, digital technology can help both you and the patient in the examination process. The following automatic functions of the MESI mTABLET SPIRO can help you direct the patient and interpret the quality of the maneuvers while and after they are made.

Real-time display of the flow-volume curve

While the maneuver is being made, it is possible to monitor it through enhanced visual display of the flow-volume curve and the parameters. You can swipe between the graph view and the parameter values view.

Maneuver quality warnings

If the device detects no quality issues in the performed maneuver, a green check mark will appear. In the opposite case, one of the following maneuver quality warnings will display on the measurement screen:

Here is an example if none of the acceptability criteria have been met:

Selection of best results (BestBreath™ selection)

The device analyses the expirations and selects the best curve automatically. This is an advantage if two curves were very similar. However, there is also the option to deselect any selected maneuvers and choose the preferred one manually.

Animated incentive mode

The animated incentive mode is used for paediatric purposes. It is designed to accommodate the psychological characteristics of children while they are directed through the spirometry test. As the patient blows, the sailboat is getting closer to the red buoy. A blow is successful once the sailboat touches the buoy and the green check mark appears.

In the MESI mTABLET SPIRO, the incentive animation is based on the ATS/ERS 2019 Criteria [16].

Here is a user-friendly SPIRO e-book full of illustrations!