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Bringing MESI to every healthcare practice

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Ten years ago, we embarked on a mission to provide early detection of Peripheral Arterial Disease to all patients in the cardiovascular risk group through simplifying diagnostic procedures. And ensuring patients are being treated on time became part of our DNA. 

Over the years, our mission evolved and now we are providing clinicians with predictive medical assessment devices, helping them discover diseases in the early stages and ensuring all patients receive successful treatment. As our CEO, Jakob Šušterič says: “With MESI mTABLET the technology available to healthcare providers shifted from descriptive (what happened?) and diagnostic (why did it happen?) to predictive analytics (what will happen?).”

We are taking this opportunity to share with you some snapshots of our satisfied users from all over the world!

Fast and objective diagnostics with unified user experience for every single measurement helps strengthen not only your relationship with your patients, but also your coworkers. 

With automated technology, automatic review of all previous measurements and additional diagnostics, having a good insight into the patients’ arterial conditions has never been easier. 

Wherever your work takes you, the MESI mTABLET system follows. Discover all the software extensions that enhance your existing workflow or help you establish an entirely new way of managing the measurements, your patients reports and follow-ups. Less writing, more diagnostics.

Wireless and portable hand-held system provides boundless freedom in a modern healthcare facility. 

Upgrade your office with the latest technology to optimize your time with the patients.