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Changing diagnostics and changing lives with MESI ABPI MD

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A charitable donation improving the way the nurses in the UK diagnose their patients

The current worldwide situation is sparking many initiatives raising funds for various organizations and helping the communities in need. A couple from Cornwall, United Kingdom, raised 60.000£ in an online auction, dedicated to helping the NHS staff get the equipment that would make their professional life easier.  

The nurses in St. Columb Surgery received a brand new MESI ABPI MD device for simple, safe, and reliable 1-minute arterial assessment. Up until now, they have been using manual equipment and this device is going to ensure all at-risk patients receive timely diagnosis and, consequently, the right treatment. 

Becky Taylor, the practice manager of the St Columb Surgery states:

At the moment we allow 60min appointments to do a full assessment on a patient. This machine will calculate it in one minute, meaning we can get our patients into their treatment so much quicker, getting their healing rates quicker and, ultimately, it is a more comfortable procedure for our patients as well.

Timothy Haines, one of the patients Ms Taylor is mentioning, who has also been raising funds for the St. Columb surgery, was the one who suggested that investing into MESI ABPI MD would be beneficial for the nurses and patients alike:

The nurses are reacting fantastically about it! For me, to see their response (is great), but I have been attending clinics and doctors and hospitals, and you want to be in and out as quick as possible, and this (MESI ABPI MD) takes minutes.

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