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The 35th Spring Congress of Private Doctors and Dentists of Slovenia is taking place from 10 to 11 May in Bled, Slovenia. It is organised by the Professional Association of Private Doctors and Dentists of Slovenia, featuring a number of specialised lectures and presentations from a variety of medical fields.  

We kindly invite you to visit the MESI booth and discover the advantages of the MESI mTABLET diagnostic system for GPs as well as for specialists in various areas of medicine.   


  • Build your custom diagnostic system on one device: choose from various diagnostic modules such as ECG, spirometry, oximetry, ABI, TBI, and a blood pressure monitor
  • Make your examinations faster with the Protocol app: Create custom exam protocols for patients with the same condition or choose among numerous ready-made protocols at the Protocol Store. 

Vascular specialists: 

  • Assess your patients with suspected PAD by means of easy, 1-minute measuring of Ankle-Brachial Index and/or Toe-Brachial Index with the MESI mTABLET ABI or TBI respectively.  
  • Carry out advanced arterial age assessments with the PWV (Pulse Wave Velocity) app. 


  • The MESI mTABLET ECG is the first completely digital 12-lead electrocardiogram, with Glasgow Interpretation Algorithm and 8 advanced analysis views.   
  • 6-minute walk test (6MWT) is available as an application. It provides information on the patient’s functional capacity, therapy response and prognosis in numerous conditions. 


Discover Spiro+, the most versatile digital spirometer for specialists! 

  • Advanced measurement modes (FVC, FIVC, FVC+FIVC, SVC and TV); full-loop spirometry (inhale & exhale). 
  • Animated incentive measurement mode for pediatric purposes.