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The motto of the 6. Nuremberg Wound Congress (Nürnberger Wundkongress) is “The Wound in Focus – The Person at the Centre”. The key theme is therefore the patient’s wellbeing, along with telemedicine, effective wound diagnosis and many others – through the perspective of the latest studies, best practices and expert insights. On 23 and 24 November, we look forward to seeing you at the MESI stand! 

Are you ready to take your woundcare practice to the next level? Whether you are a GP, a podiatrist, a diabetologist or a nurse taking care of woundcare patients at home visits, the MESI mTABLET diagnostic system can make a considerable difference to your wound management and overall workday! 


The MESI mTABLET ABI and TBI enable measurements in minutes, helping you: 

  • distinguish between venous and arterial wounds, 
  • determine the appropriate level of compression therapy, 
  • discover PAD in high-risk patients, including diabetics. 

Would you like to add more diagnostic tools? The MESI mTABLET has many more at your disposal: 

• Build a diagnostic system tailored to your practice: in addition to ABI and TBI, you can also choose between PWV (arterial age assessment), blood pressure monitor, oximetry, ECG and/or spirometry
• No matter how many tools you use, they all fit onto a handy trolley or into a carry-on bag for house visits
• In need of a second opinion? Instantly share the measurement result with your GP or specialist at a remote location.