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Nurse Practices

Optimise patient care and make the most of your time with easy-to-use diagnostic tools.

Doctor and patient

Nursing care is essential for the recovery, monitoring and maintenance of the patient’s health. Whether you are a part of a general practice team or travel in your nursing profession, the MESI mTABLET can help lessen your administrative load and enhance your daily routine.


Office nursing

Make your patient check-ups faster and easier by performing them on a single device. There are many different diagnostic measurements to choose from; this can make a difference due to easy accessibility.

Fieldwork nursing

One visit, one suitcase, all basic diagnostic tools. Created for wound viability nurses, community nurses or travelling nurses. Instant digital measurements allow more time for your patient.

Continuing care

Conditions like diabetic wounds and lymphoedema require regular patient care and monitoring. Use Photo App for instant wound documentation. Do you have many patients with the same condition? The Protocol App enables you to set up protocols guiding you step by step through the examination.

Instant result sharing

No need for the doctor to wait for your measurement results. They are instantly uploaded into the patients' electronic file to be reviewed by the doctor or forwarded to a specialist.

Effective administration

CAll MESI mTABLET users have free access to automatic measurement storage. You can access it on any device with internet access. Share the measurements for a second opinion, print them out or integrate them into your existing EHR solution.

More room, less paper

With digital diagnostic measurements, much less space is needed for effective and secure patient file administration. All our patient measurement records are instantly accessible in a single virtual place, but only with appropriate authorisation.

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