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Outpatient care

Shorter procedures and quick results for basic diagnostics, even in a non-hospital setting.

Doctor and patient

Effective assessment and fast referral are essential for successful treatment. A big hindrance to early-stage diagnosis in the outpatient domain is a lack of medical data. Digital solutions enable the addition of many diagnostic modules and apps, and automatic data storing for easy retrieval.


All in one diagnostic solution

Make comprehensive diagnostic assessment part of your examination routine. The MESI mTABLET solution integrates wireless diagnostic modules, patient records and medical apps in one system. This enables highly improved patient monitoring and an immediate reaction to avoid serious consequences and complications.

Automatic exam protocols

Both specialist clinics and GP practices can deal with numerous incidences of the same condition. GPs can also carry out preventive check-ups at a larger scale. A customised digital protocol for the same age group, sex, condition and similar lets you effectively examine larger patient numbers with equal level of care.

Instant second opinion

Speed is of the essence in case of an unclear health situation. Digital diagnostic results enable you immediate sharing with an external specialist or a GP. The data can be received to a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer while the patient data is anonymised.

Effective adminitration

Electronic records are gradually replacing paper-based ones. Some of their benefits are a better quality of care, uniformity of information, traceability and easy sharing. All our diagnostic devices come with automatic result storage, enabling you to allocate more time to your patients rather than trivial administrative work.

Digital clinic

No more devices and archives that take up an entire space; this is just one advantage of using digital solutions like the MESI mTABLET. Enhancing your medical practice through modern diagnostic tools can also mean savings in time and resources, not to mention the traceability of data offering an additional layer of security.

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