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GZS honours managers for outstanding achievements, including our CEO Jakob Šušterič

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On September 15, the annual awards for outstanding achievements, referred to as business Oscar, were given by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) for the 52nd year to eight directors of Slovene companies – including Jakob Šušterič, the CEO of MESI.


The winners were managers who have achieved the improvement of the economic situation of their companies and contributed to the development of the economy in Slovenia. Their exceptional results, excellence, and social responsibility are significant for promoting innovation and development of new products and technologies.

We are honoured to receive the oldest Slovenian award of its kind, giving us credit for providing multi-annual outstanding results at home and abroad, having an innovative business philosophy, and making well-thought-out business decisions.

Marking the occasion, the press team of “Svet na Kanalu A”, the first evening news show on Slovenian television, visited our premises and prepared a short reportage on the MESI’s operation, workflow, departments and employees. They also talked to Jakob about his career path, which started while he was still a student of electrical engineering. Already then, he was convinced that a successful product can be developed with a small investment and a good business idea. As a result, he co-founded the MESI company in 2010. Watch the video to find out more! P.s.: We have prepared an English transcript for your understanding.

And now to the business Oscars. Yesterday, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia hosted the 52nd awards for outstanding achievements. The prizes were given to 8 winners, among which was also MESI and the company’s CEO – Jakob Šušterič. We talked to him about his career path, which started while he was still a student of electrical engineering. Already then, he was convinced that a successful product can be developed with a small investment and a good business idea. While still studying, Jakob and his two co-founders developed a device for detecting blocked arteries. Only a year later, they already started selling it on the market. Let us see where they are today.

Since the beginning, they were guided by the belief that this was something that doctors needed. “If they can diagnose blocked arteries in a minute, it brings a huge improvement.” MESI’s business was created based on a student paper 10 years ago – even the young age of the founders was not an obstacle. The CEO Jakob Šušterič was only 21 years old at that time. “We took the device and went from doctor to doctor.” Since 2013, when we first visited MESI, the situation has changed a lot. “We have produced more than 15.000 devices that helped doctors all around the world to diagnose more than 2 million patients”. Among those, 250.000 patients were sent for treatment that prevented amputation, gangrene or even death.

Healthcare professionals all around the world use their devices – in Europe, they are present in every single country. They have managed to make a breakthrough on the global market, having a big advantage over the competition – first and foremost, due to the intuitive use of their devices. The device measures blood pressure both in arms and ankles. The result is available in a few seconds. “If the index was below 1, this would indicate the possibility of having clogged arteries.” Beside ECG and SPO2 modules, the revolutionary 3D camera is also in development. “The doctor will be able to scan the patient’s body, make a 3D model and order a tailor-made splint or compression socks”. And check our dermatological conditions as well.

Nowadays, MESI employs 60 people, including in France and Spain. “We try to maintain a positive atmosphere through socializing and using common sense. If employees feel well, they also work well.” Development of every new device starts in the product department in line with the feedback given by healthcare professionals. Currently, they are focusing on spirometer. “We’ve tested several different prototypes and consulted potential users about, for example, which type of mouthpiece is the most appropriate.” This information then goes to the hardware department, where they determine the components that are going to be used and in what way. The product then enters the testing and at the very end, the production phase. “We wish to help doctors in diagnosing all diseases in as early stages as possible.” This way, we could help patients avoid being admitted to the hospital.