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How MESI builds effective and sustainable business partnerships

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Perhaps the most important relationship a manufacturer can have is with its distribution partners. The right distribution partner will not only successfully deliver the products to end customers, but also be able to offer other critical services to help accelerate business. At MESI, we are more than aware of this. Therefore, our primary focus is on nurturing existing and establishing good new relationships with our partners. This is crucial as it gives us insight into the market specifics and helps us be there for our partners when and where they need us.


MESI is currently actively cooperating with more than 50 partners all over the world. Once a company decides to start working with us, we offer them full support from our sales and marketing team. To offer all MESI partners educational and support materials, we launched a central online resource for them — the MESI Partner Portal. In 2018 we also launched the MESI Academy, a programme offering initial and continuous training to our partners.

The first step is MESI Bootcamp. This is how our new partners start their MESI education. Partners learn the basic information required to successfully present MESI devices on the market and improve their sales performance. The process continues with MESI Monthly Lectures. A new lecture on different topic is released every month. At the end of each lecture there is a link to a quiz, which consists of 5 questions. Each partner must answer at least 4 of the quiz questions correctly to receive a small gift – MESI socks. Participants who contribute continuously can win the grand prize – a ticket to the MESI Partner Conference. In 2021 we launched our latest addition to the programme – MESI Live Lessons. All sessions are live and fully interactive, with elementary and advanced topics.

Even though we put a lot of effort into improving our online resources, we still prefer to meet and talk to our partners in person. We get a chance to do this during visits to their offices or at other events, fairs, and congresses. Every year we also organize the MESI Partner Conference, which brings together our partners from all over the world. It is a chance for everyone to meet in person, get some useful information and enjoy the sights. The first conference was held in 2018 and the second one in 2019. Each brought together approximately 60 participants for lectures from medical and other experts. The participants could attend a Ljubljana walking tour, an evening reception at Ljubljana Castle and a half-day trip around Slovenia, where they got to know local traditions and gastronomy.


As the work we do is critical to many people and companies around the world, we are committed to being there when our customers and partners need us most. To be as adaptive and responsive as possible during the COVID-19 crisis, we prepared some special activities to help our partners keep driving their business forward in this unprecedented time. As we could not join them in the field, we did everything to assist them online. We launched a series of webinars on important topics for different healthcare fields and prepared several special sales offers to maintain business continuity.

As you can see, offering extensive support to our partners is very important to us. Our philosophy is that when partners use our products to their full benefit, we can expect them to stay with us. This helps them achieve more from our products and helps us to expand our business through more sales.