Primary healthcare does not only cover diagnosis, treatment and referrals. General practitioners are in the pivotal position for managing risk factors and preventive care, and supporting management of long-term healthcare, including chronic conditions.

Because their scope of work is so wide, many primary care physicians report on being too reactive, rather than proactive, trying to juggle the very little time they have for each patient and the multitude of diagnostic and other procedures they are supposed to conduct.

However: with the technological advances in all primary-level diagnostics, the possibilities of improving their workflow are endless: from unified user experience for all measurements, to automatic software updates and Direct EHR integration, giving them more time for the patients.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

✔ adapt your practice to your needs 

✔ introduce the latest technology into your daily workflow to simplify diagnostics

✔ store, use and share patient records securely and hassle-free