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Innovative digital approaches in response to the challenges of the pandemic

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The current period of the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting healthcare systems around the world and is presenting both healthcare providers and patients with new challenges. The recommended preventive measures include quite a few rules that need to be followed, but we are interested in how innovative digital approaches can respond to the challenges of the pandemic and improve the health system. This topic was recently discussed at the web seminar Going Forwards with Telemedicine! which took place on 18th of November at the Medical Chamber of Slovenia, under the auspices of the CEI – Central European Initiative and co-organised by HealthDay.si.

The guest of the seminar Jakob Šušterič, director of the company MESI and one of the founders of the Healthday.si community, which strives for more innovation-friendly healthcare and treatment in Slovenia, spoke about digital and wireless technology, which saves healthcare professionals time, and described an example of good practice that was carried out in Slovenia at the Topolšica Hospital.

Mr Šušterič presented the MESI mTABLET, an innovative medical device which not only saves healthcare professionals’ time, but also enables comprehensive triage of patients before admission to the Covid wards. Additionally, the MESI mTABLET enables remote patient assessment and automatic transfer of measurements to electronic patient records. Because it is a wireless system, the measurement modules can be placed on the patient in a room separate from where the doctor is running the measurements, which ensures a reduced number of direct contacts with infected patients.

As part of his talk, Mr Šušterič highlighted the case of Topolšica Hospital, which recently ordered the MESI mTABLET with ECG, BP and SPO2. Using the MESI medical devices, the hospital introduced the digitalisation of the transfer of data related to measurements performed with the MESI mTABLET to their hospital electronic systems. By using advanced the medical devices, the hospital allowed healthcare workers to save a significant amount of time when updating and reviewing patients’ files, and facilitated a quick and easy consultation between doctors and their colleagues. All this results in the better treatment of hospital patients.

More detailed information on the example of good practice can be found in the video below.