The role of patient assessment protocols and checklists for positive patient outcomes


The positive impact assessment protocols have on patient outcomes


Increasing the confidence of compression therapy providers by using ABI


Utility of Toe-Brachial Index for diagnosis of PAD

The negative effects of many risk factors for peripheral artery disease (PAD) are not only limited to the patient’s well-being…

MESI mTABLET in everyday practice

Ms. Anna Sobolewska is an owner of Lymphoedema Treatment Clinic located in Poznań, Poland. She shared her experience with MESI…

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Use of Toe-Brachial Index (TBI) in wound care

Chronic wounds are a debilitating and costly medical condition that often affects patients with additional comorbid conditions, which have detrimental…


How MESI saved a leg from amputation

Working in healthcare, especially developing devices that improve the individual patient’s health and wellbeing, gives added value to our personal…


The cost of delayed PAD diagnosis

The diagnosis and treatment of virtually any disease should be prompt and comprehensive, especially if it is of cardiovascular nature.…


How to treat a patient with diabetic foot?

Incidence of diabetes is on the rise and it is projected that this trend will likely continue in the future.…


Specifics of Ankle-Brachial Index measurement in different fields

Ankle-Brachial Index measurement is often overlooked, despite it being one of the most important measurements from primary care onwards. Read…


Importance of Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI) in effective compression therapy

Chronic venous disease is a fairly common vascular disorder that often goes undiagnosed by physicians and other healthcare providers until…


How can compression therapy benefit wound care patients?

Chronic wounds are wounds that do not heal in a predictable amount of time like most wounds. What exactly constitutes…


Case proved: automated ABPI testing improves patient outcomes in wound management

On January 25th, Wounds UK published the Best Practice Statement: Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI) in practice. The authors, members…