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50th DGA annual conference, Berlin

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The motto for the 2021 conference of the German Society for Angiology is Vascular medicine 2.0 – Angiology at the cutting edge.

The conference will be held from 30 September to 2 October in the historic center of Berlin.

MESI will present a complete arterial assessment for vascular medicine allowing fast and accurate measurements, result-reviewing, and patient data management within one device.

What is the MESI mTABLET?

Our certified medical tablet the MESI mTABLET was created with a modern healthcare practice in mind and offers an all-in-one solution for cardiological, general, and vascular practice.

MESI mTABLET ABI and TBI are two of the diagnostic modules forming the MESI mTABLET, a comprehensive diagnostic system enabling fast and accurate measurements, result-reviewing, and patient data management within one device.  It is ready to be integrated into existing workflow and electronic medical records. Featuring a built-in consultation, it enables the secure sharing of measurements with other medical staff. ​
Besides the ABI and TBI modules, it also offers modules for measuring blood pressure, oxygen saturation (SPO2), and performing; electrocardiograms (ECG), and spirometry (SPIRO).

MESI mTABLET ABI and TBI wireless modules

All the measurements are seamlessly stored and can be accessed from any web-enabled device, allowing safe and secure information flow. According to your practice’s needs, you can add new measurements and software upgrades whenever necessary.