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Join us at Virtual EASD 2021 Meeting

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The EASD holds its Annual Meeting in a different European city each year with more than 15,000 delegates from over 130 countries attending. The 57th EASD Annual Meeting is going to be a virtual event.

TUNE IN to our Industry Session speech, where we will present the importance of timely detection of PAD in diabetic patients!

Cannot make it on 28 September?

If you cannot make it on Tuesday 28 September, we can send you our EASD 2021 Industry Speech video by e-mail shortly after.

Importance of the Toe-Brachial Index measurement for diabetic patients

Diabetes mellitus has a disruptive effect on the diagnosis of the disease and contributes to its increased incidence and severity. Diagnosing PAD in such patients can be hampered by incompressible arteries, making it necessary to complement the ABI with a TBI assessment, both of which can be performed by a single diagnostic device with an integrated EMR management system.

MESI mTABLET ABI and TBI are two of the diagnostic modules forming the MESI mTABLET, a comprehensive diagnostic system enabling fast and accurate measurements, result-reviewing, and patient data management within one device.  It is ready to be integrated into existing workflow and electronic medical records. Featuring a built-in consultation, it enables the secure sharing of measurements with other medical staff. ​