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WUKO 2022

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The 5th Nuremberg Wound Congress (WUKO) is supported by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Wundheilung und Wundbehandlung (DGfW) association, the Chronische Wunden (ICW) initiative, the Klinikum Nürnberg hospital and Paracelsus Medical University (PMU).

For half a decade, WUKO has offered all wound-interested parties a platform to find and exchange information about the trends in wound management, research and training.

Wound care is one of the most important domains of MESI innovation. How to detect the presence of PAD, compress with confidence and determine the wound healing therapy? Discover the advantages of one-minute arterial assessment with the MESI mTABLET ABI and the MESI mTABLET TBI (for risk patients due to non-compressible leg arteries).

The digital technology of the MESI mTABLET also enables faster workflow and administration. Automatically store the measurement results into patient files and instantly share them for a second opinion!