Is it possible to measure Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI) on patients with wounds?


5 steps for proper foot care of diabetic patients


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Association of ABI and TBI with mortality in patients with CKD

Treatment of peripheral artery disease (PAD) is difficult on its own, particularly in more severe cases, but becomes exceedingly costly…


Optimal Medical Management of Peripheral Arterial Disease

Particularly in the emerging stage, treatment of peripheral artery disease (PAD), can be a straightforward, unpleasant experience, but may become…

Learn how to manage PAD successfully.
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Utility of Toe-Brachial Index for diagnosis of PAD

The negative effects of many risk factors for peripheral artery disease (PAD) are not only limited to the patient’s well-being…


The prevalence of peripheral arterial disease among patients with persistent leg pain

Any clinician dealing with patients in pain can testify that this unpleasant experience associated with tissue damage can often be…

MESI mTABLET in everyday practice

Ms. Anna Sobolewska is an owner of Lymphoedema Treatment Clinic located in Poznań, Poland. She shared her experience with MESI…

Learn how to manage PAD successfully

Use of Toe-Brachial Index (TBI) in wound care

Chronic wounds are a debilitating and costly medical condition that often affects patients with additional comorbid conditions, which have detrimental…

Women and Peripheral Arterial Disease

Women are often overlooked when it comes to cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) as such issues are generally regarded to primarily affect…


How MESI saved a leg from amputation

Working in healthcare, especially developing devices that improve the individual patient’s health and wellbeing, gives added value to our personal…


An Overview of PAD Guidelines for Nephrology

There are many risk factors for the development of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) and quite a few medical conditions that…