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Wound care

Make time-effective discovery of the underlying pathologies part of your comprehensive wound care.

Doctor and patient

Regardless of the type of the chronic wound treated, an all-round assessment of the patient is necessary, along with monitoring and documentation for longer periods of time. The MESI mTABLET offers a number of solutions in this regard.


Venous or arterial wound

Skin conditions are an indicator of the bloodflow, body temperature as well as other important phenomena that can influence one’s overall health. They can also reflect very serious conditions: arterial insufficiency ulcers (ischaemic ulcers) indicate an advanced stage of PAD. Distinguishing between them and venous ulcers can be challenging; the easiest way is on the basis of an ABI score. The MESI mTABLET offers both 1-minute ABI and TBI.

Compression therapy

Determining the compression level is a complex process that can be made easier with digital technology. One of the factors to consider is ABI. With the MESI mTABLET, it only takes one minute to measure it. Do you need a second opinion? Share the digital measurement result in seconds and determine the appropriate treatment of your patient much faster than with traditional paperwork.

Diabetic foot management

Up to 20% of patients with PAD are diabetics. PAD represents a severe threat for those at risk for diabetic foot, and worsens the complications of diabetic neuropathy. ABI and TBI check-ups can really make a difference. Diabetic foot treatment and management, however, should start with an effective prevention programme comprised of these effective steps.

Wound photography

Photographic documentation is becoming an essential part of wound care. Changing cameras or phones every single time, however, creates the risk of producing low-quality photos that can get lost and mislaid. With the Photo App on the MESI mTABLET, you can preview your photos on a 10.1-inch screen for the optimum quality of wound close-ups and regional photos. They are automatically saved into the patient’s record and can be instantly shared with a doctor or a specialist.

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