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EASD 2023

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The European Association for the Study of Diabetes e.V. (EASD) is a non-profit, medical scientific association with the aim to encourage and support research in the field of diabetes, the rapid diffusion of acquired knowledge and to facilitate its application.

The EASD Annual Meeting is one of the largest diabetes-related conferences in the world, the scientific programme includes more than 1,200 talks and presentations on the latest results in basic and clinical diabetes research.

Complete arterial assessment with automated ABI and TBI measurements

Diabetes mellitus has a disruptive effect on the diagnosis of various conditions, and contributes to their increased incidence and severity. Diagnosing PAD in such patients can be hampered by incompressible arteries, making it necessary to complement the ABI with a TBI assessment, both of which can be performed by a single diagnostic device with an integrated EHR management system.

The MESI mTABLET ABI is much more than an advanced Ankle-Brachial Index measuring device. By extending the use with smart applications, such as aBP app or Photo app, you can measure average blood pressure or track the healing of skin conditions in a matter of clicks, using the same device.

The MESI mTABLET TBI is not only an advanced Toe-Brachial Index measuring device. By adding smart applications such as DgtP, you can also perform a complete assessment of the vascular response in the hand digit arteries. Among other conditions, you can study the effect of a fistula on the hand circulation of ESRD patients with the use of your existing device.