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Santexpo 2024

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SantExpo is the leading French event of the French Hospital Federation, which brings together every year all decision-makers and healthcare professionals involved in the management, digitalization and transformation the healthcare system, with an emphasis on the latest innovative solutions. It is taking place from 21 to 23 May 2024 in Paris. 

In-patient care requires a lot of diagnostic measurements. This results in time loss due to transcribing the results into patient files as well as in transcription errors. You can change that at your institution; combine tools for specialist and basic diagnostics and instant result saving into patient files, all on one device. This is now possible due to the MESI mTABLET diagnostic system!  

  • Build your own diagnostic system: combine ECG, spirometry, blood pressure, one-minute ABI/TBI and/or oximetry with advanced clinical support tools 
  • Customisable protocols for patients with the same condition and consistent level of care 
  • Automatic data storage  
  • Instant measurement sharing for second opinion 
  • Patient’s history and trends in one place 
  • Reduced administration load 
  • Excellent mobility: a handy trolley to transport all diagnostic tools to the examination room or the patient’s bed 
  • Simple integration with your EHR system