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MESI ABPI MD: What it is and its Benefits

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The risk of heart diseases like Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), cardiac arrest, congestive heart failure, etc. has increased in the past few years. Ageing population, rising rates of obesity, junk food consumption, smoking and stress level have all made heart disease a much more probable encounter around the world.

MESI ABPI MD - What is it and its benefits

If a person suffers from any such conditions, timely detection becomes invaluable. Doctors, nurses, EMTs, surgeons, and other medical professionals strive to treat patients in the risk group as soon as possible as the late treatment can lead to severe implications for the patient. In fact, late diagnosis and treatment can make a life and death difference when it comes to heart complications.

What makes MESI ABPI MD stand apart from other devices is that it enables medical professionals to detect asymptomatic patients that would otherwise go undetected.

Like we said in the beginning, the risk for cardiac ailments like PAD is significantly high and growing. People over 50 with risk factors like smoking, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and everyone over 65 can be at risk. A complication among these patients is that most of them don’t present any symptoms until it’s too late and they suffer a heart attack/stroke etc.

In situations like these, standard devices like the Doppler takes too long to measure ABI. This can lead to serious implications for the patient and increase the intensity of the damage. Currently, this need in diagnostics is not being met with the right device.

To meet this gap and make screening more efficient, we have introduced the MESI ABPI MD – an efficient and fast ABI screening device.


In the realm of screening machines, the MESI ABPI MD screening device is an innovative and fast alternative to older technology. The main feature of the device that makes it stand out is the fact that it is completely automated and provides accurate results.

After reconfigurations and multiple rounds of testing, this device has been designed to provide objective results that allow clinicians and doctors to gauge the safety for compressions and other diagnostics.

Recognized as the world’s fastest ABI screening device, MESI ABPI MD uses the plethysmographic method to measure the Ankle-Brachial Index. This measurement is controlled algorithmically, expanding further than standard blood pressure measurement. You only need to attach the cuffs and let the detection system installed do the readings for you.

The device can be used in all kinds of medical environments where the clinician, doctor, or nurse may need to measure your Ankle-Brachial Index often.


The MESI ABPI MD device was designed to increase efficiency and make this step much faster with more accurate results. But the device’s benefits are not limited to just that.

Some of the other main benefits you get with MESI ABPI MD include the following:

1. Unique and Advanced Error Detection System Giving Accurate Results

First and foremost, MESI ABPI MD is characterized by the advanced detection error system it has in place. This system allows the machine to perform an ABI measurement with ease while alerting any irregularities during the screening process.

We have chosen an improved version of the plethysmographic sensor technology that filters out any errors. Since the machine is completely automated, it also rules out any human error. Besides that, the sensor technology is so sensitive that it even detects critical ischemia and medical calcinosis in the absence of pressure oscillations.

2. Advanced Ankle-Brachial Pressure Index (ABI) Algorithm Technology

Next on the advance technology list is the algorithm used to measure the ankle blood pressure. As you already know that you can’t use a regular brachial pressure measuring device to screen ABI in the ankles.

MESI ABPI MD is designed to meet this requirement. We have designed a unique algorithm that aligns with the human ankle anatomy. As soon as the cuffs go on the ankles and the ‘Start’ button is pressed, the algorithm kicks in and measures ABI.

3. Easy to Use – Based on Cuff Technology

MESI ABPI MD prides itself on creating an incredibly easy-to-use screening device that allows users to get accurate results in just one minute. As explained previously, MESI ABPI MD eliminates the possibility of even a minute human error by using plethysmographic sensors.

You just need to place the provided three cuffs as directed in the instructions and then press the start button to activate the device.

4. Simultaneous Measurement

Last, but certainly not the least, the MESI ABPI MD also offers simultaneous measurement. The device enables you to measure left and right ABI simultaneously along with the heart rate. If you want to, you can also measure brachial blood pressure and heart rate separately.

Along with that, MESI ABPI MD also records Pulse Waveforms. The analysis of these Pulse Waveforms is a critical factor for measuring ABI as it offers instant confirmation of the ABI calculation.

Overall, MESI ABPI MD is designed to be an efficient screening device that makes it easy for technicians to diagnose serious cardiac conditions. You can visit the website here to find technical details about the device.

Learn how to perform an Ankle-Brachial Index measurement with the ABPI MD and how to correctly fold its cuffs: