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Join Dr. Smith in the world of MESI high-tech adventures

Measurement is done in a minute

With MESI mTABLET, ABI and TBI measurements are done in a minute. Watch a video to see how Dr Smith effectively uses his extra time!

Access anywhere, anytime

Dr Smith loves using his MESI mTABLET. Even at home! If only his wife would be as pleased as he is...

No more ancient devices that take up the whole space

Complete solution for modern medical practice

Watch Dr Smith presenting his new favourite gadget - MESI mTABLET!

No paperwork, no scanning, no faxing

Instant medical report sharing

Dr Smith can now immediately send and discuss the results with his brother on the other side of the world!

Save time, space, and money

Do you want to know how Dr Smith saves time, space and money at once? Let's find out!


Dr Smith finds out that his brand new Swiss army knife has a serious competitor. Who might that be?