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MESI mTABLET in everyday practice

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Ms. Anna Sobolewska is an owner of Lymphoedema Treatment Clinic located in Poznań, Poland. She shared her experience with MESI mTABLET, which in her opinion optimizes working conditions, allows medical staff to better meet their patients’ needs and raises the reputation of her clinic.

After graduation, Anna worked in physiotherapy practices around the country for many years. Working with Promienista Clinic and Palium Hospice in Poznań, she encountered patients suffering from lymphoedema on a larger scale. In 2012, she also completed a course in anti-edema therapy at Polish-German School of Lymphology. In addition to working with people suffering from lymphoedema, she gained professional experience in conducting therapy perfectly suited to each individual case. Since 2017, she has been running her own clinic EDEMA.

Describe your usual workday, what types of patients do you encounter?

My Lymphoedema Treatment Clinic is a private clinic dealing with phlebology and lymphology. Every day we try to help patients with edema of various origins. We apply an individual treatment plan and our therapy management of edema is complex. We log detailed history for each patient. Besides manual work, we apply a compression system, such as sequential pneumatic compression, multi-layer or double-layer bandaging, as well as compression garments. We want to fight edema effectively but also safely. Monitoring the patient’s ankle brachial index (ABI) is very important for us.

What encouraged you to purchase MESI mTABLET?

We primarily focused on simplicity in design, the absence of wires and cables, multiple functions, and speed of measurements. The possibility to add measurement extensions with additional functions to cater to current needs was also important for us. Our attention was additionally focused on equipment reliability, minimizing human error and immediate access to measurement records, which can be shared with other specialists for a second opinion in a quick and simple way.

What is your experience with MESI mTABLET?

So far, our practical experience with MESI mTABLET has been very positive. The device has not failed and has been working as we expected. Indeed, the MESI TABLET is fast so we noticed significant progress in measurement diagnostic. Undoubtedly, this device raises working conditions and prestige of our Clinic as well as allows us to better meet our patients’ needs.

I can also share an interesting case with you. A 65-year-old patient with critical limb ischemia came to my clinic. We measured their ABI with MESI mTABLET – it displayed the PAD message. I referred them for further vascular examination with Doppler to exclude contraindications for therapy. Thanks to MESI mTABLET, the patient’s motivation during rehabilitation is greater because they can see the progress through the changes in the pulse waveforms. This gives great joy to my patient and me as well.

Would you recommend it to your colleagues? Who, in your opinion, would benefit most?

Yes, we certainly will recommend MESI mTABLET. In our opinion, many medical and physiotherapeutic clinics, as well as hospitals would benefit from this kind of a device, because of its complex performance. It can be adjusted to our individual needs depending on the type of patient we are dealing with.

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