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Highlights of the MESI Partner Conference 2024

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MESI Partner Conference 2024 was our biggest partner event so far. The response and turnout were truly excellent, with 111 participants altogether. This time, we moved from MESI’s home city, Ljubljana, to the Slovenian coast. The event took place from 20 to 22 May 2024, featuring a variety of speakers, hands-on workshops, and the latest developments in MESI diagnostics. Equally important was making precious connections and sharing best practices from all over the world. 

From cutting-edge industry insights to the stunning views and flavours of coastal Slovenia, the programme offered a unique combination of business excellence and unforgettable experiences. You can explore its professional and social highlights through the table of contents below: 

First day: 20 May 2024

Second day: 21 May 2024

Third day: 22 May 2024

First day: 20 May 2024

MESI lectures

We started the conference at the Mind Hotel Slovenija in the coastal town of Portorož, with a day of lectures on a variety of current healthcare topics. The first thematic scope was dedicated to the challenges and trends in modern medicine. The first lecture on the changing landscape of healthcare was given by Tjaša Zajc (Slovenia), an international digital health expert and host of the renowned Faces of Digital Health podcast. While people enjoy much longer lives than a century ago, many of those additional years are spent living with disabilities and chronic conditions, with cardiovascular diseases as the leading cause of death worldwide. This calls for an urgent transformation of the healthcare system, especially for investing in primary care, preventive measures, and robust data systems to enhance healthcare sustainability and improve patient outcomes.  

The second lecture was that of Bogi Eliasen (Denmark), Director of Health at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS). He emphasised the importance of the sustainable approach to healthcare, connected with a profound shift from (reactive) sick care to (proactive) preventive health. This also includes early health intervention in chronic diseases, which is much more effective than treatment alone. In contrast to proactiveness, inaction is connected with significant cost: the question is not if we can afford future costs of healthcare, but if we can afford not to invest in keeping people healthy for as long as possible. 

The third one was Christine Carius (Germany) from telmedicon GmbH, active in e-health and telemedicine since 2009. She discussed telemedicine in Germany. Despite the numerous and highly diverse forms of telemedicine and digital health services in this country, more implementation in practice would be necessary. For example, the polls show that online appointment scheduling and e-prescriptions are amongst the most frequently used services, they are still not used by 50% of health providers. This calls for more digital-friendly incentives at a national level as well as for easy-to-use tools that could be easily integrated into the healthcare provider’s current digital solutions. 

MESI CEO Jakob Šušterič discussed the impact of simplifying diagnostics in his keynote address. Simplifying diagnostics is at the core of MESI’s mission: we are simplifying diagnostics to help healthcare professionals detect, diagnose, treat, and monitor diseases and conditions better. In the years of its development, MESI went from a start-up dedicated to simplifying the diagnostics of Peripheral Arterial Disease (with its special innovation of 1-minute arterial assessment for primary care) to a market leader in automated Ankle-Brachial Index. We are now growing further by simplifying and digitalizing medical assessment in the entire doctor’s office. The MESI mTABLET diagnostic system helps patients being diagnosed on time, with a record 2 million measurements performed in 2023. MESI’s simplification of diagnostics with the MESI mTABLET diagnostic system is achieved by:

  • a focus on the user experience, 
  • a practice-centric workflow: a user-friendly design and optimisation of the number of diagnostic steps required, 
  • device flexibility, portability and ability to adopt to different use cases and environments, 
  • connectivity and interoperability within the MESI ecosystem and with third-party EMRs. 

The result of this approach is better assessment: time saving, nurse empowerment in the diagnostic process, more accurate referrals, more accurate diagnoses, better clinical decisions, and higher practice revenue. 

As a European market leader in office-based medical assessment, we are now looking to become challengers in hospital vital signs measurement and pioneers in home care diagnostics. 

MESI panels

MESI panels focused on the wealth of experience acquired by MESI in more than a decade of operating in the primary care domain, and the natural next step in the next few years – expanding the product offer into other levels of healthcare and fields like telemedicine. The panels were moderated by Tjaša Zajc (Faces of Digital Health)

Reshaping primary care with the MESI mTABLET

Primary care has been the focus of all MESI activities and endeavours since the founding of the company. After the innovation in the field of early discovery of Peripheral Arterial Disease through 1-minute arterial assessment, the diagnostic scope expanded in recent years to simplifying diagnostics in primary care as a whole. The MESI mTABLET was developed for and with primary care professionals in mind, offering diverse diagnostic measurements on one device with instant saving into patient files.  

The panel focused on the impact that digital diagnostics has on healthcare professionals and different angles and best practices on how MESI mTABLET is helping them with simplified procedures, faster workflows and connectivity. It featured Timotej Vitez (MESI Key Account Manager), Ferenc Nagy, Hungarian Charity service of the Order of Malta (a founding member of the Hungarian Resuscitation Council and member of the Hungarian Society of Emergency Medicine and the European Resuscitation Council), and Dr. Ognjen Gudelj, a cardiologist-arrhythmologist, former head of the department at the Military Medical Academy and currently founder of Tesla Medical Group (Serbia).  

Changing the vital signs landscape

The MESI mTABLET is gaining traction among primary physicians all around the world with its modularity, user-friendliness and digital features that simplify workflows. The natural next chapter in MESI´s success story is entry into the vital signs market in hospitals and primary care facilities, where MESI is challenging the established providers with its innovative approach. The aim of the panel was to introduce the future MESI Vital Signs solution, shedding light on the vital signs market and the specific needs of hospitals in this domain.  

The panel speakers shared their experience on how vital signs diagnostics is performed at different markets and institutions.  The introduction was provided by Menno Roos, MESI’s business development manager for the newly established Vital Signs area and an expert with over 25 years of experience in the vital signs market.  

Afterwards, specific market insights were presented by Karen Osborne (Ireland), Field Sales Manager for the Medical Division at Healthcare 21. She works in the acute hospital sector, developing and growing the market through innovative products, services, and solutions. 

Featured as a good practice example was Topolšica Hospital (Slovenia), presented by Dr. Jurij Šorli, a specialist in internal medicine and COPD rehabilitation; he trained in Maastricht and Hornerheid and is acting director of Topolšica Hospital.

MESI roundtable discussion

How to bring innovations to healthcare professionals

The discussion lineup featured MESI office managers and partners: Sandrine Millasseau (MESI France), Primož Verbič (MESI Spain), Gerhard Bertignol (Sanitas GmbH, Austria), Balázs Tóth (Medirex Zrt, Hungary) as well as moderator Timotej Vitez (MESI Key Account Manager).  

Divided into two parts, the discussion began with an introductory market snapshot, where each participant provided a brief overview of their market, its structure and specific business models, as well as the potential of MESI products given their customers’ needs. This was followed by a round-table discussion with all representatives, including Q&A and audience participation, exploring different sales approaches, customer requirements, and best practices from various markets.

MESI Award ceremony

After a day of lectures, an evening reception took place at the Alaya Cocktail Bar at Portorož Beach, featuring live music and, of course, awards for the most outstanding MESI partners of the recent years. Here are the awards and their winners! 

Best Newcomer Award

This award recognises new partners who have joined MESI since the last Partner Conference in 2022. We evaluated their efforts in the early stages of business collaboration, focusing not just on their sales results, but also on their engagement, communication, and market approach – in other words, the whole package.  

Nominees: The Stevens Company from Canada, Promise Med from Kuwait, and UMİ Sağlık Hizmetleri from Turkey.  

Winner: Promise Med, Kuwait 

Promise Med demonstrated precise targeting at the early stage of market development, showing what a new MESI partner can achieve with strong engagement and activity. They utilised the time during product registration to establish interest among potential customers and were prepared to kickstart sales immediately.  

Best Small EU Partner Award  

This highly competitive category within our partner network featured four nominees this year: UAB Sprendimai from Lithuania, Medi Plus Servis from Slovakia, LIAMED from Romania, and Medirex from Hungary.  

Winner: Medirex, Hungary.                                                                                                    

Over the past few years, Medirex has forged important relationships with key Hungarian opinion leaders  and other stakeholders. This resulted in the largest MESI project in history at that time, aimed at helping GPs in Hungarian rural areas with timely diagnosis of patients in PAD risk groups group for PAD in time. Medirex’s work is a great practice example of healthcare transformation at a regional level. 

Best Partner in a Large EU Market

This award recognizes our partners in key European markets. The nominees were: SANROSAN, S.A. from Spain, Suministros Médicos del Norte, S.A. from Spain, and Airmedical Products S.L. from Spain.  

Winner: SANROSAN, S.A., Spain. 

SANROSAN, S.A. has made an extraordinary effort to ensure a successful sale of 250 MESI mTABLETs in the scope of a two-year tender. Not only did they secure the sale, but also managed to deliver the goods to the end clients within two weeks. 

Best Overseas Partner 

While we continue unlocking opportunities at international markets at a European level, we have already established important partnerships globally. The nominees were: EBOS Healthcare from Australia, Nikomed Inc. from the USA, and Hayaat Corp from Iran.  

Winner: EBOS Healthcare, Australia. 

EBOS marked their fourth consecutive win since Best Newcomer 2018. They continuously show commitment by growing their MESI-dedicated sales team and steadily increasing the number of MESI users in Australia. 

Best Market Developer 

This award is for partners who have developed a new and innovative approach to selling MESI devices in their market. The nominees were: Sanitas GmbH from Austria, BlueMed Medical from Greece, and Medirex from Hungary.  

Winner: Sanitas GmbH, Austria.                                                                                          

Sanitas excels at identifying market demands for distinctive solutions, benefitting both their clients and MESI by fostering a unique ecosystem, enhancing nurse workflow and optimising patient-centric environments. 

Most Engaged Partner

This award is dedicated to individuals who truly embody the spirit of MESI ambassadors. The nominees were: Roy Muller from Henry Schein, the Netherlands; Robert Marshall from The Stevens Company, Canada; Nick Migkos from BlueMed Medical, Greece; Modestas Sarneckas from UAB Sprendimai, Lithuania; Enrique García Pérez-Llantada from European Alliance Trading, Spain; Carmen Tejado from Suministros Médicos del Norte, S.A., Spain; Ranya Al Khaledi from Promise Med, Kuwait; Neil Epstein from Nikomed Inc., USA; and Reynaldo Soto Briceño from Ric Mexico, Mexico.  

We had three winners in this category: 

Roy Muller, Henry Schein, the Netherlands: Roy’s approach exemplifies how to introduce MESI at every opportunity. He is fully committed to getting our products into every doctor’s office and transforming healthcare with MESI solutions. 

Nick Migkos, BlueMed Medical, Greece: Nick tirelessly approaches customers, listens to their needs, and creates flexibility in purchasing and renting MESI solutions, differentiating us from other suppliers. His open-minded and daring approach is highly valued. 

Carmen Tejado, Suministros Médicos del Norte, S.A, Spain: Carmen shows extraordinary commitment and is always willing to introduce MESI products to any healthcare professional, seeking new business opportunities and representing our brand with pride and dedication.  

Congratulations to all the winners for their exceptional contributions! 

The award ceremony was a lively event, attended not only by our partners but the entire MESI Slovenia office. We didn’t forget our dance shoes as the beach party at the Alaya Cocktail Bar continued late into the night with non-stop dancing and celebration. 

Second day: 21 May 2024

MESI workshops

The second day of the MESI Partner Conference was all about getting hands-on with our current and future products. Guided by the development team and seasoned educators, the participants dove deep into the innovations with those who know them best, gaining exclusive insights and expertise.

Arterial assessment

Špela Purkart Vižintin (MESI Product Specialist and Educator) and Petra Balažic (Head of MESI Education) had an engaging workshop on effective arterial assessment. The emphasis was on the clinical aspects of the MESI mTABLET ABI and the MESI mTABLET TBI while exploring their technological details and recent advancements. When discussing the MESI mTABLET ABI, they also pointed out the dangers of Peripheral Arterial Disease and the role of automated ABI measurement in PAD screening. With the MESI mTABLET TBI, they stressed the importance of cuff and PPG probe placement as well as caliper positioning because they are essential for correct TBI results. The interactive session included live measurements, comparisons of competing technologies and Q&A, resulting in an insightful and dynamic experience. 

Respiratory assessment 

As a fundamental method of lung assessment, spirometry is frequently performed both in primary and secondary care, but is a complex field that requires additional training for non-medical profiles such as device sellers and distributors. Led by Vladimir Pakrac (Head of MESI Product Management) and Maja Weiss (MESI Product Specialist and Educator), this workshop was organised precisely for that purpose. The participants delved into the clinical details of the MESI mTABLET SPIRO with a practical product demonstration with a discussion of spirometry results. They explored its general features, digital advantages and specificities for different levels of healthcare. The session featured a lively discussion on diverse spirometry products, encouraging participants to contribute their questions and comments. 

Early warning score (Vital signs) 

Given the future addition of vital signs into the family of MESI diagnostic measurements, Menno Roos (MESI Business Development Manager) and Rok Primec (MESI Product Manager) hosted a workshop on early warning scores and vital signs assessment. The attendees explored the clinical significance of vital signs and witnessed live demonstrations of cutting-edge measurement techniques. The workshop featured a discussion on alternative technologies, fostering a collaborative learning environment that offered plenty of practical information.  

Cardiac assessment

When to perform an ECG, how do we measure it and what does it tell us? Rok Primec (MESI Product Manager) and Špela Purkart Vižintin (MESI Product Specialist and Educator) explained all this and much more, using the MESI mTABLET ECG. They provided the participants with essential clinical information and the latest MESI educational materials. They also presented a wide array of ECG accessories such as cables, electrodes, adapters, and choices for the trolley support arms, including the MESI ECG support arm and the Straessle alternative. The workshop also featured an interactive Q&A session. 

Effective medical assessment 

The benefits of digital technology include various clinical scores that can be calculated in seconds for each patient, as well as automated protocols that can guide the medical professional through exams, saving a lot of time with patients with the same condition and preventive exams. Rebeka Novak (MESI Clinical Specialist) and Maja Weiss (MESI Product Specialist and Educator) presented MESI’s solutions in this field: SCORE2 (for cardiovascular risk assessment) and the Protocol app, which enables the creation, use and sharing of custom protocols in the MESI mTABLET. Through a series of practical use cases, the participants gained first-hand insight into the transformative power of these innovations, illustrating how they shorten processes, save time, and enhance the quality of patient care. 

Improving workflow with integrations

As a medical device producer, MESI regards digital integration with the customer’s medical workflow and environment as essential. This encompasses effortless filing, retrieval, copying, and sharing of diagnostic results. Vladimir Pakrac (Head of MESI Product Management) and David Carro Santomé (MESI Project Manager) led an exploration into MESI’s integration of medical technologies and software solutions, enhancing efficiency and productivity.  

The MESI mTABLET diagnostic system was designed to deliver not only swift and effortless diagnostic measurements but also seamless integration with the software already used by the medical professional. Offering various levels of integration with EHR systems, the MESI mTABLET diagnostic system is tailored to the customer’s workflow, maximising the speed and efficiency of the exams and the administration.

Speed business meetings

After lunch, there followed an intense two hours of speed business meetings and product training. This opportunity enabled one-one-one consultations with MESI team members on critical topics and specific needs. The conference participants had the following topics to choose from: 

  • long-term growth (Jakob Šušterič, MESI CEO),  
  • supporting big products (Rudi Čebulj, Head of MESI Distribution Sales),  
  • market segmentation and product positioning (Timotej Vitez, MESI Key Account Manager) 
  • sales execution (Marko Groboljšek, MESI International Sales Manager; Gašper Grad, MESI International Sales Manager; Martin Ringvaal, MESI Area Sales Manager – Nordic and Baltic Countries; Carl Jans, MESI Sales Manager – Benelux, Ireland and Canada) 
  • vital signs market insights (Menno Roos, MESI Business Development Manager) 
  • partner support (Darya Bormatenkova, MESI Senior Market Development Manager) 
  • clinical and product Q&A (Špela Purkart Vižintin, MESI Product Specialist and Educator) 
  • marketing and lead generation (Vanja Sitar, MESI Event Specialist).

Vineyard dinner experience

After a day full of training and meetings, it was time for well-deserved dinner. For this purpose, we moved from the Slovenian coast to the heart of Slovenian Istria. Our destination was the Rodica Winery, a family enterprise renowned for its passion for organic viticulture and captivating wines. Perched on a hilltop, the winery offers breathtaking views of the Gulf of Trieste and the unspoiled beauty of the Dragonja River valley. We tasted exquisite wines, surrounded by amazing vistas, the famous Istrian hospitality and unique atmosphere, which also included live local music. It was an unforgettable evening of relaxation and enjoyment, perfectly rounding off our productive day.

Third day: 22 May 2024

Boat trip

On the last day, we immersed ourselves in the magic of the Slovenian coast with a half-day excursion. We explored the ancient craft of salt-making at the Sečovlje Salt Pans, gaining fascinating insights into this tradition. The experience was heightened by a delicious seafood feast with stunning views, followed by a boat ride on the sparkling Adriatic Sea, allowing us to relax and soak in the beauty of the coastline. Sadly, the day and the entire conference went by very fast, but that also gives us an opportunity to look forward to other MESI partner events in the future!   

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended MESI Partner Conference 2024. Your efforts and engagement in your parts of the world are key to our strength and success; opportunities to spend time together and learn from one another in person make us even stronger. As a European market leader in office-based medical assessment, MESI now aims to take on new challenges in hospital vital signs measurement and pioneer advancements in home care diagnostics. With your support and collaboration, we are confident that our vision can be. Together, we are growing a strong MESI presence worldwide, united by our shared vision and dedication to make it a reality by simplifying diagnostics in all areas of healthcare. We look forward to seeing you next time!