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MESI products and solutions were presented at 138 events in 2018

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2018, a Year of 138 Fairs and Congresses

MESI products and solutions were presented at 138 events in 2018. The MESI Team participated in 50 events that took place all over the world, although most of them were in Europe. Among these were the World Forum for Medicine (MEDICA), Arab Health, the European Wound Management Association (EWMA), the Journées Cicatrisations in France, the XI Congresso Nazionale AISLeC in Italy, the Spanish Society of Wounds (SEHER) in Spain and the Diabetes Congress in Slovenia. We were represented by our partners from all around the world at a further 88 events.

Maša Arhar Milenkovič, Marketing Assistant at MESI, is responsible for organising MESI events, so we asked her to share with our readers her thoughts about how MESI prepares for, and works at, events.

How long have you been working on organizing events at MESI?

MAŠA: I am quite new at MESI, I started working here in December 2018. Urška Rožman was responsible for events before me, and I have to say she has done an amazing job and I am working hard to maintain her standards.

What is MESI’s philosophy concerning participation at events?

MAŠA: Those of you who have seen us at an event probably know what the phrase ‘Doing it the MESI way’ stands for. To elaborate, it stands for working hard towards the goal of improving healthcare while having fun doing it at the same time. We at MESI simply love participating at events. 

Why do you love participating at events?

MAŠA: Well firstly, this gives us an opportunity to assess our partners’, healthcare practitioners’ and other stakeholders’ needs and opinions. Face-to-face is also the best way to show how our products work.

Secondly, we have fun! Smiley faces are ‘how we roll!’ [Maša laughs out loud]. We love to show our energy and engage visitors in interactive activities.

How do you present yourselves at events?

MAŠA: Well, as I said before, we like to show how our products work, so we structure our presentation around live demonstrations. Of course for us it is not that difficult, as our product is super easy to use, and each measurement takes only a minute. That way we can do many demonstrations in a single day. No matter how big the event, we make sure that we can perform demonstrations with our products.

Beside demonstrations, we also like to engage our visitors with a prize-winning game. We try to keep our prizes attractive: last year we had custom-made socks. People really loved those so this year we are already preparing a new design.

Tells us a little about MEDICA 2018.

MAŠA: That was the largest event in 2018. We exhibited at an 88 m2 large stand and talked to more than 1,000 visitors. We gave away more than 700 pairs of MESI socks, performed more than 200 Ankle-Brachial Index measurements, and served more than 600 coffees.

We presented our MESI ABPI MD and mTABLET system with Electrocardiogram, Pulse Oximeter, Blood Pressure and Ankle-Brachial Index modules. So that visitors could enjoy getting to know our products, we offered two interactive activities. On one side we exhibited our innovative system MESI mTABLET. We encouraged visitors to play a game installed on it [that is not part of the standard product configuration], so that people could get to know the device better.

On the other side we built a ‘house’ of blocked arteries. Our aim was to show the importance of measuring the Ankle Brachial Index (ABI). By walking through the house, you not only came out wiser, but also got a chance to win a prize: MESI socks.

MESI team at MEDICA 2018.

Because we wanted visitors to really get to know us, we made sure that MESI employees from different departments were there to talk to people. Participants were able to have a meeting with our CEO and Sales Representatives, the Marketing Team was responsible for energy and organisation at the booth and the Development Department was there to answer the difficult questions.

Because we care about our partners and visitors, we made sure to have plenty of Illy coffee, water and snacks freely available. The only thing we asked in return was a business card.

What are the plans for 2019?

MAŠA: We are planning to continue attending as many fairs and congresses as we can. Up to the end of March, we have attended 10 events, including Arab Health, the European Vascular Course (EVC), the French College of Vascular Pathology (CFPV), the National Congress of the Italian Society of Cardiovascular Prevention (SIPREC), the Spanish Association of Primary Care Physicians (SEMERGEN) Congress in Spain and Schrott’s Days in Slovenia.

As for our booths, we promise to amaze you with some fresh ideas (some of which are already underway).