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MESI receives a European and US patent for compression garment with smart compression sensor

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MESI is well-established in the fields of compression therapy and wound care. Our arterial assessment technology is used in determining the compression level before the healthcare provider applies the compression garment. Being a crucial partner in compression therapy and wound care gave us an insight into the various issues of compression therapy. A major one is the patient’s concordance with the therapy guidelines.

Knowing the problem, we developed a digital solution. We recently acquired the patent for our compression garment equipped with a smart compression sensor. The patents were received at the European and US levels.

Our innovation helps optimise the treatment by monitoring the patient during compression therapy and motivating them to increase their concordance with treatment guidelines. This digital technology brings a number of advantages for the clinician and the patient.

Advantages for the clinician

Our innovation introduces a brand new concept of monitoring the patient during compression therapy through advantages of digital technology. With classic compression socks, the doctor can not monitor if the patient follows the instructions on the prescribed amount of sock therapy, and how physically active the patient is while wearing the garments.

Our smart compression garment introduces a sensor technology that monitors the patient’s length of therapy, physiological activity and health status. It also measures the pressure applied to the extremity by means of a strech-measuring sensor made of electro-conductive yarn woven into the fabric of the garment.

A detachable sensor control unit processes and saves the obtained data to the local memory or transmits it to an external device – the patient’s smart phone app and the clinician’s web app. In this way, both the doctor and the patient can effectively follow the treatment process.

The smart compression garment sensor provides the doctor with the latest data on the therapy and enables them to immediately change it if necessary.

Advantages for the patient

Compression garment therapy on the legs can be a challenging process for the patient. Wearing compression garments like socks is uncomfortable and does not immediately show visible results.

MESI’s smart compression garment sensor enables the measuring of the patient’s physiological activity, primarily their heart rate, temperature and leg swelling. In this way, both the doctor and the patient can follow the patient’s levels of physical activity and be alerted in a timely manner in case of adverse events.

The smart compression garment sensor sends the compression data to the patient’s app. This informs the patient on the progress and motivates them to stick to the therapy by providing various gamified challenges.

The aim of MESI innovations is to change the interaction between the doctor and the patient. We do this by means of the latest approaches, including ‘telecare garments’ like this one. We are proud to be part of the innovational wave that reflects the latest breakthroughs in technology and brings them to everyday healthcare.