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MESI Sales Days and Teambuilding 2022 in Slovenia

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2021 saw a significant growth of MESI’s international activities. New offices in France, Germany and the UK resulted in a considerable expansion of our team. In 2022, we continued by welcoming new sales representatives in Italy and other countries, which contributes to a constant increase in our sales performance

Yearly get-togethers help establish not only a collaborative spirit, but also strong team bonds in our international family. After more than a decade of company growth and transformation, we have learnt that the relaxed teambuilding atmosphere promotes out-of-the box thinking and gives everyone a chance to shine as real live persons, not just online.

For this purpose, we organised MESI Sales Days and Teambuilding 2022, which took place before breaking up for the summer holidays. We started with the Sales Days on 4 and 5 July 2022 in Ljubljana. On 6 July, there followed the Teambuilding for all MESI colleagues in the Velika planina pasture, part of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

MESI Sales Days

The Sales Days consisted of sales and marketing-related education activities and practical workshops. We had 35 attendees this time: from Slovenia, France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and Italy.

The first day was dedicated to education lectures and workshops led by our company experts. They focused on our products and their event presentation from various perspectives. The attendees were thus able to expand and deepen their product knowledge. We finished the day in the cozy atmosphere of the Café Bienale restaurant in Tivoli, the central park of the Ljubljana city.

The programme on the following day consisted of intensive educational and roleplaying workshops, where our sales and marketing team showcased their own presentational and other skills. We ended the day at the Pivnica Union pub, with a guided tour of their museum and an excellent dinner.

MESI Teambuilding

The MESI Teambuilding was attended by 75 MESI employees, 19 from abroad. In the morning, we ascended the Velika planina pasture by cable car and first had traditional mountain breakfast. After dividing into groups, we started the treasure hunt challenge. Each group received a tablet computer that guided the members through the challenges along the Velika planina territory. The groups had to solve 19 different challenges, relying on their resourcefulness and collaboration. After all the groups completed all the challenges, there were delicious refreshments awaiting at the Zeleni rob restaurant, specialising in traditional Slovenian dishes.

We then returned to the valley and continued our socializing at Območje 70 – a 16,000 m2 activity area at the foot of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. We were greeted with a fantastic selection of buffet food and drinks. We then continued with a variety of entertaining activities – zorbing, archery, zipline, car racing, funny soccer with giant shoes, and so much more. We are very pleased to report that beautiful sunny weather accompanied us throughout the day!

At 6 p.m., the winners of the treasure hunt challenge were announced and received their well-deserved medals. We were also shown very funny pictures and videos recorded during the hunt adventure. The evening ended with a lively dance party.

Once again, the MESI teambuilding was a complete success. This was also reflected in highly positive response on site as well as in the feedback polls a week after its conclusion. It was a joy and privilege for MESI Slovenia to show the beauties of Slovenia to the rest of the team. They were a lovely backdrop to enjoy each other’s company. All this brought us even closer together and made us ready for new challenges.

Strong team connections, strong results!