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MESI simplifies diagnostics. A case study at the PIRAN Health Centre

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Due to the wide range of healthcare services it offers, its state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally friendly operations, Piran Health Centre, which officially opened its doors in mid-October 2020, is certainly a forerunner when it comes to modern health centres in Slovenia.

The modern medical establishment, which consists of various specialist clinics, such as an internal medicine clinic, a diabetic clinic, a pulmonology clinic, a modern emergency centre and a Health Promotion Centre, is equipped with modern technology in line with contemporary requirements.

Nurse practitioner, Marko Grdina.

We visited them in early December and had the pleasure of talking to nurse practitioner, Marko Grdina; his roles in HC Piran are very diverse: he ensures the work of nurses runs smoothly and is the director’s right-hand man. He introduced us to the perks that this new healthcare establishment offers to the patients, including through the use of innovative medical devices. We were especially interested in their experience with purchasing the MESI mTABLET, with diagnostic modules MESI mTABLET ECG, SPO2, BP and ABI.

Case study of PIRAN Health Centre

Marko Grdina presented the reasons why they equipped their clinics with MESI medical devices:

The MESI mTABLET, due to its simplicity, usability and speed, as well as the possibility of performing several examinations at the same time, enables our employees to ensure that patients receive better treatment, so I would definitely recommend it to other healthcare institutions.

“The decisive factors for choosing the MESI mTABLET were its simplicity and the possibility of multiple applications in one device, which enables us to perform different measurements wirelessly. More specifically, HC Piran has digitised the transfer of data within the health centre, so it is very important to us that all data is stored electronically and offers easy insight into the patient’s file at any time.”

“In this way, we can easily review the patients’ entire data history and decide how to treat them appropriately. Another great advantage is the possibility of recording conditions in the format of images, as the results can be monitored through photographs. This is especially important for patients with diabetic foot, of which there are quite a few. The MESI mTABLET also takes up minimal space and can be used anywhere from internal medicine, to diabetic clinics and reference clinics,” he concluded.


The MESI mTABLET is a complete solution for a modern medical practice

The MESI mTABLET offers healthcare providers a wide range of solutions for early diagnosis that meet the needs of every modern healthcare practice. It is comprised of diagnostic modules, patient records and medical apps all in one system. The specifics of the medical environment were taken into consideration during the development process, resulting in the portability and flexibility of the device. The system is easy to use and can be effortlessly introduced into any medical practice.

The MESI mTABLET with ECG, ABI, TBI, BP and SPO2 modules is the first certified medical tablet that is specifically designed for use in medical environments and enables measurement of 12-lead ECG, measurement of blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate, measurement of Blood Pressure, Ankle-Brachial Index and Toe-Brachial Index.


Marko Grdina

Assistant director for nursing care at the Piran Health Centre

Marko Grdina is assistant director for nursing care at the Piran Health Centre, Slovenia, where he is responsible for the introduction and implementation of modern technologies. With the construction of a new Piran Health Centre in Lucija, the entire institution has switched to ekarton EHRs, e-business and electronic patient administration.