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MESI, Ltd. wins a Gold German Design Award for the trailblazing concept of the MESI mTABLET 

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We are proud to let you know that MESI, Ltd. won the highest distinction at this year’s German Design Award. The prestigious competition across all industries attracts over 4,500 submissions a year, from 60 different countries so far.

The Gold German Design Award was bestowed on the MESI mTABLET. Here is what the international jury had to say: The »mTABLET« developed by MESI effectively reflects the demand for cutting edge medical technology and intuitive usage in its clear design, pared down to the essentials. The »mTABLET« is intended for use as a special wireless diagnosis solution in modern medical practice … A relevant product for the modern medical daily routine. [1]

The focus of the German Design Award competition is design that creates answers to the complex issues offered by our times. The Gold title holders provide cutting-edge inspirations to their industry as a whole. In the case of the MESI mTABLET, its highlighted advantages were the following:

Alongside extensive analytical options, the mTABLET offers a full patient database and enables secure exchange to facilitate second opinions. Thanks to its compact and modular design, the set can be easily transported, making it perfectly suited for use in home visits, for example. Another distinctive feature are the cuffs in different colours with corresponding cables, which help avoid confusion. [1]

The Gold German Design Award for the MESI mTABLET proves that an innovative concept, practical use and cutting-edge design can go hand in hand in primary care. It is a special honour because this year marks the first decade of the German Design Award as well as of MESI Ltd. itself. We are dedicated to supporting the healthcare system with time-saving diagnostic solutions, and forward-thinking design is an essential piece of the puzzle.