MESIresults application is designed to be used with the MESI ABPI MD measuring device. Using the USB cable, MESI ABPI MD can be connected to the computer, which enables the possibility of a printed and electronic handout. The application allows importing information such as name, address, and logo of the institution, which can be saved in MESIresults and printed on every file leaving the health care facility.

Instructions and user guide for the MESIresults application can be found here. This manual will guide you through the process of installing MESIresults and provide information on how to manually install MESIresults on your computer.


MESIresults v3.0.2


  • “No USB key!” alert showing upon the blood pressure measurement, even though all extensions are disabled
  • offline login issues (when connected to the internet)
  • fixed translations

With this update, PWV and DCBP extensions no longer require separate software. MESIresults 3.0.2 can be used with your PWV or DCBP extension keys.