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The First Healthy Artery Week at the Hospital Santa Casa de Santos, Brazil

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Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is a circulatory problem where narrowed arteries reduce blood flow to the limbs. Millions of people do not have classic symptoms and are not aware of PAD, which is alarming, as it affects not only legs but also the heart and brain. To be more specific, 13% of all population is affected by PAD, and 200 million people are at risk for developing it down the line. Unfortunately, as many as 70% of patients with PAD are not diagnosed on time, even though the key to successfully treating it is its early detection.

Today we are sharing a story of our partner organizing the first Healthy Artery Week at the hospital Santa Casa de Santos in municipality Santos, a municipality in the Brazilian state of São Paulo between 29th September and 2nd October 2020. It is a beautiful example of bringing awareness into the community and emphasizing the importance of quick, safe and easy arterial assessment with MESI ABPI MD.

The hospital conducts monthly prevention campaigns, and Healthy Artery Week was an absolute success breaking all the records: over a thousand participants joined the free event, and their feedback was wonderful.

During the Healthy Artery week, the Santa Casa de Santos with direct medical guidance from the Vascular Surgery team offered Ankle-Brachial Index measurements with MESI ABPI MD, which detects blocked arteries in just one minute.


Healthy Artery Week was the first time that the topic of PAD was addressed in a campaign in Brazil. Partnering with the distributor of MESI ABPI MD in Brazil, Santa Casa de Santos presented the patients with the medical device, that comes the way from Slovenia and can detect blocked arteries in just one minute. Through the initiative organized by the hospital, the general public had the opportunity to have their Ankle-Brachial Index measured and receive the results with the interpretation right then and there. In case of abnormal results, the participants received guidance from the Vascular Surgery team at Santa Casa de Santos.

Due to the great demand from the public, the hospital prepared a dedicated set-up with chairs, tents, umbrellas and a team of professionals. The number of interested people was so high that on the 2nd day the service hours had to be extended to provide the services to everyone.

Based on this great success, the hospital is planning to host a similar event shortly.