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The world’s fastest Ankle-Brachial Index measurement

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The Ankle-Brachial Index has become an important tool in diagnosing Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). This is especially due to its digital nature, simple use, cost-effectiveness and speed compared to the traditional diagnostic tool for PAD: Doppler ultrasound. After the ABI check-up, Doppler can serve as a final step towards the PAD diagnosis.

World’s fastest Ankle-Brachial Index MESI ABPI MD

The MESI ABPI MD is the basic, but world’s fastest ABI measurement tool. The MESI mTABLET ABI, however, is an advanced solution for combining ABI with other diagnostic measurements on one device.

In this blog you will learn:

Why Ankle-Brachial Index measurement?

The importance of PAD screening with ABI is stressed by major recent guidelines such as the American Heart Association Scientific Statement from 2021, which urges for it to be implemented for all risk groups. The ABI measurement is regarded as the first step towards PAD diagnosis and thus successful PAD management.

The usefulness of the Ankle-Brachial Index measurement is also recommended by scientific studies that have tested it in comparison to Doppler. Hageman et al. describes automated ABI as “a simple, fast, and fully automatic test that is increasingly proposed in primary care settings as it has advantages compared with Doppler regarding equipment, training, and time constraints.” [1]

ABI measurement is recommended in the following fields:

  • First-contact care and cardiovascular disease assessment: measuring all patients at risk for Peripheral Arterial Disease, regardless of the presence of symptoms
  • Compression therapy and wound care: to diagnose the ulcer’s underlying condition, assess wound healing potential and determine/adjust the safe level of compression
  • Chronic disease management: diabetes, chronic kidney disease (CKD), dialysis patients
  • Whenever the Doppler measurement should be performed, but isn’t due to time, resource and ability constraints

MESI was established with the aim to simplify diagnostics. Battling underdiagnosed Peripheral Arterial Disease was our initial primary mission. The mission evolved throughout the years, but timely arterial assessment is and will always be one of our main focuses.

We want every single patient at risk of PAD to be diagnosed. The MESI portfolio includes a basic and a smart version of the Ankle-Brachial Index.

World’s fastest Ankle-Brachial Index: MESI ABPI MD

The world’s fastest Ankle-Brachial Index tool, the MESI ABPI MD, was the first product of the MESI company. After it ruled its segment for a decade, we are now presenting a brand new edition of the MESI ABPI MD. It fits seamlessly into a modern medical practice while staying true to its basic ease-of-use roots.

The ‘old’ MESI ABPI MD device has been discontinued, but its servicing and maintenance will still be supported.

Main features of new MESI ABPI MD

Like its original version, MESI ABPI MD is intended for single ABI measurements. It offers one-button operation to be as staff-friendly as possible. Here are its most important highlights:


No need for rest time. Regulated cuff inflation and deflation in 1 minute. Automatic detection of the arm with higher blood pressure.


Simultaneous, risk-free measurement eliminating human error and blood pressure drift.


Reliable automatic interpretation of the pulse waveform to identify severe disease and notify the operator with a clear ‘PAD’ message.


Report review, report print-out and storing of the results for a precise interpretation at any time.

Detailed list of advantages


  • 4 cuffs
  • SmartArm™ detection for automatic selection of the arm with higher blood pressure
  • Colour-coded and labelled cuffs for easier use
  • 2 available cuff sizes (M, L)
MESI ABPI MD cuff technology


  • ABI and BP measurement available
  • Information button (for detailed instructions)
  • Guided measurements
  • Amputation mode (excludes an amputated limb or a limb with a wound from the measurement)
  • The measurement in progress is followed directly on the screen
  • Immediate result calculation
  • Pulse wave velocity (PWV) available as an upgrade
MESI ABPI MD – Screen during 2-step measurement (1st step: SmartArmTM detection, 2nd step: ABI measurement)


  • 5 different sections related to the measurement result (ABI, Parameters, Waveforms, Comment, Add patient)
  • Review the result for the extremity of your choice
  • Choose between oscillation and pulse waveform graph
  • Colour-coded ABI result
  • Reference scale and information about PAD guidelines
  • Up to 100 results stored in device archive


Unlimited online storage of measurement results.

  • Available as a link to access on your computer
  • Easy data transfer from MESI ABPI MD to MESIresults via USB type C cable
  • Review each patient report, download it as PDF, export it in Excel or print it out
  • Personalised reports (clinic name and logo)
  • Automatic MESI ABPI MD device updates through MESIresults


  • LCD touchscreen
  • 8’’ user interface with 16 bpp colour depth
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer batteries
  • Bag and trolley layout
  • Physical lock on the trolley to hold the device in place

MESI ABPI MD is a stand-alone device offering single ABI measurements.

Smart tool for comprehensive arterial assessment: MESI mTABLET ABI

The MESI mTABLET ABI is a smart device offering not only ABI measurement, but also the benefits of comprehensive arterial assessment and full digital workflow at your medical practice or home visits. This is due to the MESI mTABLET digital system with the following advantages:

  • easy extension of the ABI measurement with further diagnostic modules for comprehensive assessment (TBI, ECG, spirometry, blood pressure oximetry)
  • a wide range of clinical support apps
  • instant storage of all measurement results into the patient record
  • AI data analysis and Predictive Medical Assessment to help discover diseases early, provide effective referrals and achieve better treatment outcomes.


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