The new MESI ABPI machine is a useful tool for locating vascular disease in patients with leg ulcers and other related conditions. We have had the MESI for 3 months now and it is used approximately twice a week at the moment.

Previously, when Doppler’s were required, the nurses had to allocate a full hour for the procedure. Now this procedure can be done in a single 15minute appointment. It is much easier to do; the MESI does everything for us.

We have already had one case when it picked up a medical emergency: the ABPI was dangerously low and the patient was urgently referred to the vascular team.

This machine has cut down the time taken for Doppler assessment by 45minutes, which is a considerable saving on nursing time. I would recommend it for ALL district nursing teams and for all GP practices.

Best Regards,
Penny Hughes
Advance Nurse Practitioner

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