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World Heart Day 2021: Digital health technology – a powerful weapon against cardiovascular disease (CVD)

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COVID-19 has resulted in many medical challenges, but we have also witnessed many inspiring solutions for overcoming them. The motto of this year’s World Heart Day is #UseHeartToConnect. Among other factors it highlights the power of digital health in furthering the awareness, prevention and management of CVD at a global scale. At MESI, we identify with this message. Our technology aims to connect patients with doctors, and doctors with other medical professionals for a fast diagnosis, so we strongly support the World Heart Day 2021 Campaign:

Isolation and difficult access to medical services due to COVID-19 have made cardiovascular disease an even greater concern for the 520 million people with this condition: 

❤️ CVD results in 18.6 million deaths yearly and is the most fatal condition worldwide;

❤️ people with CVD are at greater risk of developing severe forms of COVID-19;

❤️ CVD patients have been unable / afraid to attend regular and emergency check-ups;

❤️ consequently, fewer CVD diagnoses have been made during the pandemic, with COVID-19 treatment taking centre stage.

Although a lot that can be done by individuals for keeping their cardiovascular system in good condition (healthy nutrition, non-smoking and exercise), early diagnosis is one of the most important aspects of CVD treatment and prevention. The mission of MESI solutions is to make all-round diagnostic assessment a central part of every GP practice and home visit.

The  MESI mTABLET is a light and portable diagnostic system combining diagnostic measurements, patient records and clinical support tools in one solution. This includes 12-Lead ECG, Ankle-Brachial Index, Pulse Oximetry and Blood Pressure. Make the measurements and instantly share the results with specialists or the GP for timely CVD diagnosis and treatment.

Assessing CVD risks can easily become a routine part of your GP practice or outpatient treatment.

Primary care is one of the most important factors in detecting CVD. Combining medical knowledge and technological solutions, we can jointly achieve the best possible health outcomes for your patients and communities. 

Stay ❤️ connected.