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MESI ABPI MD is used for the early detection of Peripheral Arterial Disease. Each measurement takes 1 minute, is accurate, completely simultaneous, and totally automatic.


The MESI mTABLET diagnostic system is a comprehensive system of top-notch diagnostic modules, patient records and medical apps, all in one system.
No more ancient devices that take up the whole space. Watch dr. Smith presenting his new favorite gadget - MESI mTABLET!

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Acute and chronic wounds are a growing global concern. As their incidence continues to rise, we are facing many challenges. To me, MESI ABPI MD is being of great help by providing a fast and reliable arterial assessment. What an easy-to use and handy device with such a positive impact on patients' well-being!

The new MESI ABPI machine is a useful tool for locating vascular disease in patients with leg ulcers and other related conditions. We have had the MESI for 3 months now and it is used approximately twice a week at the moment.

I just want to say that everyone in the clinic loves the MESI ABPI MD. Using the MESI unit, an ABI takes less than 4 minutes from start to finish. It’s basically ‘how quickly can you put on and take off 3 cuffs?’ It saves so much time that a test we didn’t really like doing before is now no bother.

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A Team on a Mission

A Team on a Mission

We are a young, innovative Company, where everybody follows the same vision: to simplify diagnostics in primary care and help discover diseases earlier. We are proactive, creative, funny, open-minded, and playful.
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We Care - Working towards Early Diagnosis

We Care - Working towards Early Diagnosis

The Healthy Arteries Campaign is a Project promoting the early diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease by focusing on getting messages about the facts and consequences of this common disease to the general public and healthcare professionals. The Project is supported by health associations and enterprises from all over the world.


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