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Another big success! MESI, Ltd. was selected for the Google for Startups Accelerator: Europe

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On 5 October 2021, MESI, Ltd. was chosen to participate in the Google for Startups Accelerator: Europe. This business and development programme brings together 15 of the most promising European tech startups in healthcare and well-being. The Accelerator will take three months, completing with a graduation ceremony on 9 December.

This milestone is another confirmation that MESI, Ltd. is a top actor in its industry, especially because this is the first time that this famous tech programme was organised for the healthcare sector. What does it take to get noticed by Google? Let us take a look.

It actually takes a written application and an interview where the secret is to be as simple and authentic as possible. MESI, Ltd. described its company and mission to help clinicians provide better medical assessment in less time. For this reason, it already offers a number of diagnostic tools on one device – the MESI mTABLET, where it also collects all results in one place, instantly provides patient history and offers third-party medical apps to expand the range of solutions even further.

A special emphasis, however, was placed on the long-term vision of the company: to discover diseases in early stages by expanding the MESI mTABLET with predictive medical assessment. This feature would be based on AI, which would compare the patient’s medical results through history and the results of other patients. This would help detect conditions faster, predict future outcomes based on past ones, and recommend actions.

For these reasons, MESI Ltd. asked Google for mentorship and good practice guidance in Big Data, AI, machine learning, Marketplace management, strategy and growth. Success – the application was selected!

There are six MESI Ltd. employees taking part in the Accelerator: Jakob Šušterič (CEO), Tomo Krivc (CTO), Sandi Pangerc (software developer), Sebastian Winkler (Head of MESI Germany), Timotej Vitez (Key Account Manager) and Nina Polak Kidrič (Partner Success Manager).

The training takes place several times a week, and offers business and development content. Some courses are for all 15 companies together, but each of the teams also has separate sessions with individual mentors, who focus on the challenges of the respected company. In the course of the programme, the team is expected to work with 20 different experts in diverse fields ranging from development, design, UX and AI to the consumer journey. Jakob Šušterič will also participate in a separate Leaders Lab with special classes and mentorship.

The aim of the MESI, Ltd. team is to prepare intensely for each session and lecture in order to get as much company-related insight as possible from each expert. All of the Google lecturers, mentors and motivational speakers are highly approachable, so it is important to seize each opportunity. We will get back to you with a detailed report after the graduation!