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MESI mRECORDS: Highlights and future developments enhancing the entire diagnostic field

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All MESI mTABLET users have free access to MESI mRECORDS. This is a platform where all your diagnostic measurements are automatically stored regardless of the diagnostic module used.

MESI mRECORDS enable you to: access diagnostic measurements on any device with internet access, instantly share the measurements for a second opinion, print them out or integrate them into your existing EHR solutions.

Digital technology is vital for making medical work easier and faster. One of the major digital innovations on the rise in diagnostics is predictive medical assessment. With big enough data quantities and in line with all applicable legislation, anonymised diagnostic measurements can be used in AI prediction models, and become instrumental in shaping the future of diagnostics and healthcare as a whole.

In this blog you will learn:


The aim of developing MESI mRECORDS was to follow the latest digital innovation trends in healthcare, geared towards efficiency, cost saving, improved care coordination and better treatment outcomes. [i] MESI mRECORDS offer the following advantages to the medical professional:  


MESI mRECORDS make your work easier and faster because all diagnostic measurements are automatically stored and accessible in one place – on an online platform.


Since MESI mRECORDS are virtual in nature, this saves physical space at your practice. They can be accessed through your MESI mTABLET as well as from your phone or computer at mrecords.mesimedical.com


All the measurements of a patient can be accessed anytime in one single place. In primary care, this is important for monitoring chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes and recently long COVID. [2]


The Sharing feature of MESI mRECORDS enables you to instantly share a diagnostic measurement for a second or specialist opinion.  


MESI mRECORDS enhance the security of your and your patient’s data in the following ways:

  • when sharing information with persons who do not have the authorisation to access the MESI mTABLET system (i.e. are not members of your Working Group in MESI mRECORDs), the diagnostic measurement is sent to them in anonymised form;
  • different authorisation levels for MESI mTABLET users;
  • two-step authentication.


The aim of EHRs is not only to store information digitally rather than physically, but also to enable easy sharing and communication between different care facilities and institutions. [3]

The integration of the Worklist App into your MESI mRECORDS enables you to import lists of patients and to order measurements directly from your EHRs. The Worklist App supports:

  • HL7, DICOM and GDT protocols 
  • .JSON, .XML and API data exchanges. 

In this way, MESI mRECORDS support your work with and aim of EHRs – “to reach out beyond the health organization that originally collects and compiles the information. They are built to share information with other health care providers, such as laboratories and specialists, so they contain information from all the clinicians involved in the patient’s care.” [3]

How to use MESI mRECORDS to your optimum advantage

For an easy start, a short instruction video is available here:

MESI mRECORDS have a very user-friendly outlay, consisting of just three tabs in the main menu:

Doctor or nurse

As shown in the video above, doctors and nurses have different authorisations in terms of what actions they can take within the records. This tab contains the following features (depending on your particular authorisation):

  • Archives of all your past actions
  • Measurements that you shared with others or others shared with you
  • Profile with some information on yourself and your organisation
  • Working Group, where you can view the working group you have created and/or the working groups you are a member of
  • Modules, where you can see the modules that you use; you can also order their yearly calibrations
  • Settings, where you can enable various layouts, printer settings and parameters for your modules.


This is where you can create or import new patients as well as find those whose measurement results you wish to review.


Here, you can see your current active applications, view the featured ones and access MESI mSTORE for more apps.

Depending on the user’s level of authorisation, some of the MESI mRECORDS worth highlighting are the following:

  • ability to create working groups and invite people into them
  • ability to be a member of several multiple working groups at once
  • ability to create and import patient profiles
  • sharing measurement results with your in-house colleagues as well as with external specialists and doctors.

Digital diagnostic solutions as a foundation of predictive medical assessment

Digital technology already contributes to faster and more effective diagnostics. One of its most important advantages is that the measurement results are stored into a system where they can not only be easily accessed, but also compared with other measurements. In this, of course, full data protection must be provided in accordance with the legislation.

With enough data, a patient’s diagnostic results become part of a bigger picture. By comparing the patient’s current diagnostic status to their history as well as to data of other patients, predictions about the patient’s medical problem can be made. At MESI, we aim to create a big enough measurement data pool in a few years’ time to start developing our own solutions in this field. [4] To find out more about predictive medical assessment, watch this video lecture by MESI CEO Jakob Šušterič or read this article.